25 April, 2013

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Sharita's Words has Moved! 

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10 April, 2013


When was the last time you thought about the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES of your life? As we are now fully engaged in the initiation of Spring, there is no better time to take up in your pioneering spirit and remember just how much you can strike up the means to reap whatever it is that your free-will desires within your continual journey of the LOVE to EVOLVE.

Looking to the Name Expression of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, we find it rings to a pure 9, which is rather apropos to examine under the current energies of Aries. The 9 and Aries energies are both guided by our motivating planet Mars, who is happy to always help you in making just about anything happen within the life. While no Chaldean Karmic Mystery governs the singular 9, it is packed with sound advice to take up in the action of courage, while avoiding penetrating, conflicting or aggressive reactions.

You do wish to call up Mars or a 9 vibration to get things going in life, and what the beauty of the 9 does is call upon The Finalizer to guarantee the task will be completed. Unlike Aries, who must learn to co-operate with others to carry out their clever ideas, a 9 energy is always seen as the closer, the powerful force behind how anything will complete and conclude within the life.

The 9 is considered a Universal Number, in where there are some fairly neat mathematical associations with it. Add all the single digits up together from 1 to 8 and you’ll arrive at 45, a vibration of the 9. If you add 9 to any number, you’ll always get the same root number, ie: 5 + 9 = 14, and 1 + 4 = 5; 8 + 9 = 17, and 1 + 7 = 8.  The same thing applies to multiplication only that you’ll always have a new vibration of the 9, ie: 5 x 9 = 45, 4 + 5 = 9; 8 x 9 = 72, and 7 + 2 = 9. The 9 can never be destroyed, and it always makes more of whatever it is linked or connected to. So, with any Name Expression involving the 9, you can be promised it is backed up and guided by a most powerful punch to assist you in whatever you are doing.

So, as we ponder the INFINITE POSSIBILTIES, we have the 9 as our guiding light to make sure what we wish to claim them to be will be happily motivated to become magnificent manifestations within our soul’s purpose.  Shift the mindset to this potent phrase as you set your intentions and goals, and you can practically be guaranteed that you will witness amazing outcomes unfold.

As always, the wisdom of Lexigrams are here to grant another piece of solid evidence that spending time in keeping our dominant thoughts within the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES is time will most certainly will never be wasting.  As we take the anagrams that can be derived from this title, and formulate them into poetry and prose, we find the letters within are ready right in front of us to once more spell out the truth.



May you enjoy the wonders of all the infinite possibilities that are thrilled for you
to begin to discover them, Dear Stars. Namaste.

08 April, 2013

Lunar-O-Scope, 10 April 2013

NEW Moon in Aries, 10 April, 5:35am EDT

The Power of Peace

As this first New Moon of Spring in Aries kicks off, it is the divine time to welcome a NEW energy where The Ram takes charge of your life! The collective’s emotions receive dynamic and poised direction in the sign that pioneers and sparks true beginnings with the assistance of motivating Mars and the gracious joys of Venus. An absolutely active and keen instinct in the next two weeks strikes up to bring profound balance back into our lives.

Moon enters Aries,
3:02pm EDT 08 April to 11:22pm EDT 10 March

As the “planet party” has now been pleasing this area of the Zodiac skies, Aries lunar energy is wise to beware of restless, challenging, militant, and disobedient forces that may arise. When self-willed energies are around, it is easy to gravitate to unbalanced, aggressive, and hasty tendencies. While a strong sense of individuality and assertiveness mark any passage within The Ram, the cultivation of moderation, patience, forethought, and humility brings success.

Moon Void of Course
12:25pm EDT to 11:22pm EDT 10 April

Moon VOC is the passage in where the Moon makes its’ last major aspect to a planet before entering the next sign. In essence, it is a time that is well advised to not take up in forward motion nor important decisions for the future. As our Aries Moon conjuncts Venus at 24 degrees Aries, spending time in reflection and review is favored until it enters Taurus.

New Moon, 10 April, 5:35am EDT, 20 degrees
This lunation in Aries brings forth a pure awakening presence as easily aroused feelings take charge with The Ram, coupled with the ability to see both sides of the issues at hand. The first New Moon since our Messenger went Direct back in March- we can now embrace this time as our emotions welcome a fresh feeling, propelling us ever forward within our Springs. With these initiations embarking in the driving energies of Aries -the sign that consciously aims for leadership- the collective is really ready to take on a fearless approach. Gravitating to a true understanding of motivating peace from this powerful lunation will be vital under this first waxing period of Spring.

For the Collective
We have a most precious alignment upon this lunation from many directions to reap our emotional rewards. Looking to the 20 degree initiation point, we find the Chaldeans’ promise of The Awakening, which was also viewed as ‘The Judgment.’ “It has a peculiar interpretation, and is symbolized as “a winged angel, sounding a trumpet, while from below, a man, woman, and child are seen arising from a tomb, with their hands clasped in prayer.” At some time in the experience of the person or entity represented by the number 20, there is a powerful awakening, bringing in a new purpose, new plans, new ambitions- the call to action for some great cause or ideal. “

This New Moon is equally guided by the close conjunction of Mars and Venus, who are both at 22 and 23 degrees Aries respectively. As we take the time to place out intentions properly until the Moon VOC kicks off, we can not ask for a more exciting alignment form our planetary skies above down here below. The motivation to find peaceful means to understand what our new beginning are mean to be speaks loud and clear as not only energized but harmonious feelings will be bursting out shouting the joys of Spring wherever The Ram affects our lives.

Lunar-O-Scope, New Moon in Aries, 10 April 2013

For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Aries House, in particular where the 20-degree Aries spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth initiation and beginnings within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas until the next Full Moon upon 25 April will plant energies in place for future use.

Aries: Mighty Rams, when was the last time you actually sat still? Be ready for some more stirring feelings to ignite your normal pioneering approach, and all that “I Am” to continue at a rapid pace. You’ll find you are more than headstrong to activate the self anew. The birth that you are feeling can not be denied, so be sure to take the courageous route to allow the world to see you differently, as it anticipates the completed new mask you are getting ready to unveil.

Taurus: New self-discoveries are abound where “I Process” which now unfolds even more deeply from within as you continue your ongoing solitary journey. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life call to you to really get away from what you normally like to touch and feel, so don’t be stubborn. Dream analysis is marvelous at this time to bridge the gap to your waking world, and it has marvelous motivating harmony to share.

Gemini: You’ve been fueled recently where “I Socialize” within friendships and groups, and now there are more new connections to be made here. Fresh beginnings within organizations await to find you so don’t remain in the split. Do not deny that unexpected invitation to get out in the world, as it will open up an original way to break through any apparent barriers that, in the end, propel your hopes, dreams and wishes to heights you can genuinely depend upon.

Cancer: Are you having fun reaping the harvest, stability, and reward within your career and public life? Tap into your intuition all little bit more to continue to discover more in regards to promoting or starting a new business, or, for a nice recognition to come your way in regards to how “I Structure” in the life. Remember your view upon authority also looks for new avenues to be better understood, and is completely able respond to this with wisdom, patience and calm.

Leo: Inspiration has already been fueling the path to how your philosophies and educational pursuits are expanding where “I Believe.” Taking a trip outside of the forest, Lion? You are about to find more ways to broaden your view of the world at large. With all of this excitement stirring your spiritual expressions and ability to teach the world what you innately know, you best be ready to continue to shine in the light upon that stage that you are so comfortable upon.

Virgo: If you are still shy about your wealth, securities and investments, do tell that DOUBT please DO BUT OUT BUD. The planet power here at present promises you are undergoing an intense metamorphosis that is purifying you from the very core. Feeling sexy continues to welcome the regenerating discoveries where “I Transform.” Other people’s money is also easily able to assist you, as well as possessing the innate know change has beckoned beautifully.

Libra: Your partnerships have more than been on your mind lately, from your romantic ties to business contacts. The new and the old connections over this waxing period are of special importance to your future. Let in the friendly spark that is igniting as you tip those scales and bring balance back to what you love to do best: express the means of how “I Relate,” awakening a insightful understanding you weren’t ready nor allowed to see fully until now. 

Scorpio: Keep tapping into those regenerative powers, because they are right on in feeling they are ready to bring forth more improvements to your health and all the ways you find that deep satisfaction in the area of where “I Serve.” New routines and habits come your way, and fresh ideas about how to bring your service to the world keep on perpetuating and driving you to make awakening changes. It is the perfect time for new pets, or get happy with the ones you have.

Sagittarius: Fire is always alive and well for you in all of its’ forms, and you surely have been sensing magical illumination at your fingertips when it comes to your creativity. As you are experiencing the intense energy surging where “I Create,” you see more incredible breakthroughs. Your playful feelings equally love contact with children. “Brain children” or offspring equally wish to be on your stage, and these bring peaceful feelings you can rely upon.

Capricorn: Have you already stopped working to shift to clean your house Dear Goat? Your home environment calls for more of your toil and perfectionism. More than likely you have been choosing to ponder here with equal focus upon your family life, all of what “I Nurture.” Not to get too psychic, but do not ignore those déjà vu experiences. There is a sense of calm that enters to align you in a way you have not be able to relate to in quite some time, so enjoy the harmony.

Aquarius: Enjoying the ongoing channel streaming from your thinking Water Bearer? Be ready for more inventions and original ways you always enjoy improving your sense of how “I Communicate.” Take time to plan a short trip now if you are not already on one. Experiences with neighbors and siblings grant fresh perspectives. The dynamic development of your mentality is so super charged, you best be prepared to write an entire book about it for the world to read.

Pisces: The Fishes currently swim in the waters to a new sense of values while also taking stock of personal possessions- the solidarity of what “I Have.” You are in the mood to ponder deeply about how you earn your dollars. A new channel to flow from begins to show its face, granting security you can rely upon. With all of this excitement stirring your sea of possibilities, it will be best to take time in that SILENT LISTEN so you do not miss any of the intuition speaking here.

26 March, 2013

Lunar-O-Scope, 27 March 2013: Balancing Power

Full Moon in Libra, 27 March, 5:27am EDT

Balancing Power

Our first Full Moon of Spring offers the opportunity for balancing out within The Scales as completion now occurs inside this part of the Zodiac Pie. This lunation is assisted by intense transformation and clever ideas to get the collective to align in the purifying power of our current Aries Sun. Allowing our free will to follow the path of diplomatic, understanding, and sincere feelings brings grace throughout this waning phase until 10 April.

Moon enters Libra
5:32pm EDT 26 March to 8:53pm EDT 28 March

This lunar request seeks to grant support and conclusions to what we partner up with in our lives. A collective calling is here to look to engage peaceful, open-minded, charming, and friendly energies of response in our one-on-one matters. Refined feelings and the capacity for comparison and co-operation are strong. Be aware however of lazy, evasive, and co-dependent reactions.

Full Moon, 5:27am EDT, 27 March, 06 degrees Libra
Moon Void of Course: 2:14pm EDT 27 March

It’s that time of the month when our feelings and emotions have the tendency to become intense. When you have the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra -you can expect one of two things: resistance or co-operation. A Full Moon in Libra brings forth a sensitive instinct and imagination -urging our courage and independence to emerge- equally asking that we take time to filter through our emotional take on relationships and harmony. Further reflection increases as we enter the Moon VOC until our Moon continues to wane within Scorpio.

For the Collective
This first Full Moon of Spring is packed with magnetic ways that are ready and able to bring equilibrium to our lives in multitudes of ways. This month’s 06 degree point asks for compassion to accompany our conclusions, with the request to seek to understand, then be understood. Amongst this planetary opposition in the masculine signs of Aries and Libra, the energy of the feminine will be speaking loud and clear to make sure equal view of any situation is attained by weigh in those pros and cons. With Venus herself guiding the 6, there will be absolutely no arguments about this.

With an opposition to Uranus right alongside our Sun, this Full Moon stimulates us to take in these impressions so we can receive unconventional ways to release, with plenty of determination behind them.  Not too far off in a trine to this lunation is Jupiter at 11 degrees Gemini, who supports our emotions with some fairly clever ideas, as the master number energy here wishes for the union of what may stand in apparent separation. Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn, grants the close square to this lunation that also shares the energy of serious support, bringing in a depth to perceive the strength between The Goat and The Scales, asking for our patience to see how patient co-operation between these two areas of our life is calling loud and clear.

Lunar-O-Scope, FULL Moon in Libra, 27 March 2013
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Virgo House, in particular where the 06-degree Libra spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.)
Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth release and conclusions within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing letting go in these areas until the next New Moon upon 10 April will make the appropriate space for the new to be planted later.
What an opportune time to take a good look around and let go of what no longer works where “I Relate.” Partnerships whether personal or business, take the focus of this waning phase. A time to equally get out of your head and reflect upon the unexpected ideas coming to your first impressions and instincts- inspiration is here to reinvent you. Let those ideas flow and communicate- for these grant the structure still regenerating in your career and public life.

Taurus: Take a stance Dear Bull and bring on intelligent improvements to your routine, personal habits, and health where “I Serve.” Being you innately enjoy acts of patience, look at the way you are being of service to others, something is necessary to re-examine here. Your surrender to change allows a secure and unexpected inner peace to reflect back to you in return. Your beliefs are wildly finding ways to be reborn, and these are super charged with value that is priceless.

The Twins have been in a diligent task of getting back to letting that cleverness out to play! Whether united or divided, an artistic or creative adventure has your full attention, so remain thrilled about learning from these experiences with what “I Create.” Children may require your focus now while love affairs flirt upon the stage of your life. A transformative opportunity speaks to your wealth, as you find those approaches in life keep on seeing abundant ways to be.

Cancer: Not that home, family and environments aren’t always on the Crab’s radar, but there are issues concerning them that will find release where “I Nurture.” The Career is sparkling with innovation at present, but remember there is equal balance you must achieve where you refuel. Hone in on that déjà vu –extra special instinctive messages speak. Your partnerships ask for review and rebirth, which ask for some pleasant time in solitude to reach the answers you seek.

Leo: Get busy releasing where “I Communicate,” and your mental process will know best to be loyal to positive thoughts. Siblings and neighbors may take focus. Conclusive plans for a journey you took or are about to take find reflection and innovation when you write, learn, or educate.  Hopes, dreams and wishes are soaring again as are new friends and groups. The rebirth where you serve others, habits and routines grants the structure to keeping the royal mind happy.

Please tell that DOUBT: DO BUT OUT BUD about the earning power- let go of worry here now, for it is not the time to attract anxiety. Find reward as you refine the area of what “I Have” and what you value in life: the answers come to what you have been wondering to do with taking it to the next level of wealth, which will be different than what was planned. Seeing the ways your creative nature and love affairs are regenerating upon your stage lends strength.

Libra: Your Scales have weight to carefully take away from your understanding of what “I AM.” Toss out worn-out approaches and let go of tired first impressions. New and unusual relationships keep springing up, and you are ready for them as you tap into the awareness of the process that is changing the way the world sees you. Keep letting the transformation speak where you nurture those environments, and find the happiness your new beliefs will learn here.

Scorpio: You’re quite comfortable in the subconscious realms that this Moons’ energy desires to take you to regal Eagle. Gravitating to inner work strongly calls where “I Process.” Your dream state is a marvelous source of self-knowledge that is able to bring forth balance where you serve and your health. What is fueling your mentality to shift continues to regenerate, while you get even more into the mysterious communication speaking where you transform from the core.

Your friendships and organizations where “I Socialize” seek conclusion mode. Reflection upon the roles you play in your groups right now allows your wishes the room to blossom. Whatever invitation you receive, go for it. Remember all the original energies aiming in compliment from your creative labors- these wish to work with your earning power which opens up more understanding to what you value, and allows optimism to surround your partnerships.

Capricorn: As usual, over-working really doesn’t serve you Old Goat. Career matters are the focus of your feelings, as you become engaged in reflection where “I Structure.” Your purpose, mission, and reputation await significant changes. The re-inventive force going on at home right now asks for understanding, while you keep up with the regenerative energy ongoing within all of your approaches. As you equally look to the ease coming into where you serve, peace reigns.

Aquarius: Your philosophical outlooks get lit up, which does make the prophetic thinker like you find excitement where “I Believe.” Reflection upon journeys you’ve take or will take are favored. Reassess how you educate yourself. See how your original thoughts are soaring, and don’t let them fly away. The time necessary in solitude keeps allowing you to find power transforming from your subconscious. Now that you have seen the creative nature return, let this new life in.

Pisces: Investments, taxes, shared/joint resources are up for review. An inventive force speaks about your earning power: take advantage of it. Been a lack of intimacy swimming around you? The roots of your soul ask for reflection where “I Transform,” holding the keys for you to be grateful for what you already have. Those uneasy seas with the home, family and environments should be calmer now, and don’t forget to keep rebirthing those big hopes, wishes and dreams.

22 March, 2013

Remembering Gerald Jay Markoe

Happy New Year in Spirit to one of the most influential members of my adopted family Gerald Jay Markoe. My life changed completely working with him and Astromusic at INATS (International New Age Trade Show), where I “stumbled upon” a deck of 'Linda Goodman’s Star Cards,' prompting me to return back to NYC and reread ‘Star Signs.’  This time around -during my own Saturn Return in my 10th house of Career- I finished her book, and the rest is now history. It is always with A TRUE GREAT TRUE ATTITUDE I extend to Dear Jerry for all of his encouragement to me over the years and support to keep at this astrology “thing.” 

Jerry was a musical master being born 22 March 1941, the same date as Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Weber. While Jerry innately picked up the piano as a toddler, Astromusic began when he started composing one’s personal musical score from the mathematical data the natal birth chart provides, thus translating to us, the sacred geometry it contains through the innate understanding that everything represents vibration in life through sound. Yes, what an absolutely  stunning gift!

As time went on, Jerry - on the karmic path of the 22/4 Master Builder and Innovator that he came here to be- developed a new way to listen to timeless classical music with a new age flare. One can never find any 4 karmic path not trying to do things in life their own original way, and coupling that with the Aries pioneering drive, and what Jerry has left us through his Astromusic collection is an eternal gift waiting to heal any soul. Jerry's passion for music was unsurpassed, as was his enthusiasm for teaching it- leading him to create an entire line of CD's dedicated to developing a child's mind properly.

Jerry always encouraged me to keep exploring how numerology could be layered into the astrology, but at the end of the day, he too became fascinated by my ability to Lexigram. We discovered, that indeed they worked quite well when we examined one of his best selling New Age albums, ‘Music of the Angels,’ from Allegro Music in 1995. This was one of the rare times a New Age album had sold over 300,000 copies, which in this genre of music, is like a platinum rock and roll record. And low and behold, what did the phrasing of the anagrams of this popular title reveal!



As Lexigrams always spell out the truth, we were not surprised either when we took a look at how the letters in Jerry’s name told us a lot of the tale and mission this lifetime was to hold for him.



Even as Gerald Jay Markoe transited in spirit 12 March 2009, his energy is felt every day upon this earth because of the amazing talent and healing music he innately gifted us all with. The LOVE to EVOLVE that streams from what he created in his lifetime speaks for itself. One of his favorite places was Puerto Rico, where he spent time in retirement (retreating to constantly keep creating more Astromusic releases) with his most beloved birds, Jackie and Jolie. On this anniversary of his Solar Return, it is with fond memories  to wish him a most Happy New Year in Spirit Dear Jerry and again extend
my heartfelt GREAT TRUE ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE to your legacy. Namaste.

08 March, 2013

Lunar-O-Scope, 11 March 2013

NEW Moon in Pisces, 11 March, 3:51pm EDT

Renewed Spirit, Refreshed Soul

A new energy is birthing where The Fishes swim in your Zodiac Pie, even as our Messenger journeys in his passage of review. With the dynamic planet party presently swimming in The Fishes, the collective’s emotional focus now shifts to a sympathetic nature. As we take up initiation to gather back in the light in the dreamy sign that grants us imagination and sentimentality, how will you embrace the prevailing instinct that Pisces promises as another Waxing Phase begins?

Moon enters Pisces,
1:19am EST 10 March to 7:17am EDT 12 March

Deep and ever-active feelings love to find us as our Lunar Lady takes a swim with The Fishes. It is a great time to ponder in mystery, but be sure not to venture too far in the unknown. Emotions in mutable water lean to a susceptible energy that can easy to gravitate to indecisive, weak-willed, and lazy tendencies. There is great power in cultivating clarity and concentrating on instinct during this passage. Be cautious however of deceptive, self-indulgent, and chaotic feelings.

New Moon, Moon Void of Course: 11 March, 3:51pm EDT, 21 degrees Pisces
When our New Moon shows itself in the dreamy energies of Pisces -the sign that consciously aims for understanding- there couldn’t be a more auspicious time to receive impressions that open up our intuitive natures. Be sure to check the Piscean House, in particular the 21-degree Pisces spot, in your personal birth chart to see where a new energy is ideally meant to unfold. This is the area of life that heavily favors initiation in the next two weeks to follow, but proceed with caution under the request for Mercury’s Review. Seeds that you plant in this half of your Zodiac pie as the light gathers until the next Full Moon upon 27 March, are bound to reap a rich harvest further down the road.

For the Collective

The possibility of restless feelings may create some waves, so make sure you stay swimming in safe waters as this New Moon kicks off. Mercury has been journeying backwards with The Fishes, and placing clues as to how we should best communicate our feelings at this time since 23 February. While we will see anew coming in here, be sure, anything legally binding or truly needing initiation is not brought to fruition until after Mercury goes Direct 17 March. Even under the Shadow, which will remain until 05 April, you’ll want to be in full awareness of actions that occurred under the retrograde transit.

This New Moon in Pisces precisely begins as a Moon Void of Course equally starts, and as the Moon conjuncts our Sun, this will be the last major aspect it makes before moving into Aries. Therefore, while new ideas and energies may be in the air, not moving forward until after the Moon enters Aries is also favored. Time in reflection is quite recommended all around until our Messenger goes Direct, but especially under a Moon Void of Course, any important decisions should be avoided until it passes. An odd request for a Waxing Phase to begin and not actually initiate, yet as all the planetary force in Pisces have been profoundly speaking, what is in need of further examination here will welcome the action of exploring beliefs and educating one’s self further, as the 21 degree point also asks to do.

Lunar-O-Scope, New Moon in Pisces, 2013
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Pisces House, in particular where the 21-degree Pisces spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.) Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth initiation and beginnings within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing the new and gathering up in these areas (adhering to the Moon Void of Course and MRx delays) until the next Full Moon upon 27 March will plant energies in place for future use.

Aries: Lover of exploration Dear Ram, are you ready to really dive into those inner places in your life where “I Process?” The self-discovery you have already been unfolding here will have you looking forward to even more kinds of self-undoing. The spiritual, subconscious realms, and the psychological make-ups of life continue to chat with you and journey within your own head. Keep on taking the lead, striking up new ideas about how you spend intimate time with spirit and soul.

Taurus: Your friendships have been conversing about change, and now more takes place where “I Socialize.” Groups or causes you’ve been mulling over don’t require your patience any longer. Something you’ve wished for since a child can truly come into manifestation- so listen carefully to your hopes and dreams. Organizations take major focus at this time. Accept that invitation to socialize -aside from the emotional comfort- you’ll gain more mental satisfaction from attending.

Gemini: A buzz of energy surrounds the career and public life- continue to look-out for those changes where “I Structure.” A fantastic time to promote or start a new business- just watch the MRx/Moon VOC warnings. A nice recognition you may have visualized since being quite young can prosper. Your relationship to authority asks for improved communications- as you arrive at an understanding you’ve not been responsible to as old and tired impressions here disappear.

Cancer: You’ve been moved as of late to feel quite imaginative about a new direction you’ll take your philosophies now where “I Believe.” Plan a trip, take one, or find ways to broaden your view of the world at large. Remember your vision of the world as a child- this still wishes to speak with you now. With sensitivity and intuition surrounding you, tune-in to your instinct, and let in some exploration within new educational pursuits that equally serve your spiritual desires.

Leo: Securities and investments have already been communicating that decisions are soon to be made about changes where “I Transform.” You can find smart ways to learn not only yours, but how other people’s money can create wealth for you at present. Somehow, your childhood plays a role in this process as a surge of regeneration and change within your soul’s core completes. Go ahead and feel sexy Lion, as you also tap into sensual desires to feel new in mysterious ways.

Virgo: Toss off the logic Virgin, now is not the time to be shy within your partnerships where “I Relate,” from your romantic ties to business contacts. Connections that have been under review are of special importance to the future, so feel no doubt with any decisions moving forward once MRx concludes. The realms of communications have been speaking intuitively to you about the direction to take, which has something to do with finishing up healing the old wounds here.

Libra: Ready to embrace the opportunity with both arms to bring improvements to your health and all areas where “I Serve?” New beginnings here have already been hinting at the ways you’ll help others and work with them. Thinking about taking on a new routine that you may have wanted to do since you were a kid? Implement it now- it has the means to stick around and continue to work. Energies surrounding pets, also are a pleasant balance request for your Scales.

Admire what power brings you, and combine that with your impressions from childhood, and you’ll have plenty of it at your fingertips where “I Create.” Excitement and confidence have been revisiting whatever your current projects involve. Trust those feelings to be more playful, and enjoy any contact with children. A “brain child” wishes to continue to captivate your attention now. Take a deserved bow on a center stage, but don’t let your ego take the lead.

One of your multi-tasks has seen you doing some pre-Spring cleaning Archer, which has brought upon a fresh sparkle to change-up your environment where “I Nurture.” More than likely, you’ve already been embracing them within the home. Your arrows set their aims to further focus upon some new energy in your family life. Aside from your impressions here from youth- déjà vu and psychic experiences have very important messages for you to receive.

Capricorn: Is it possible to make you any wiser old Goat? Well, you know better than most we never stop learning, and you have been stimulated all too much as of late to improve your mental capacity where “I Communicate.” Go back to laboring ideas from childhood and see how this connects with present ones. Plan a short trip now if you aren’t already on one. As these fresh ways of thinking continue to work hard to reach you, you’ll find rich reward in embracing them.

Aquarius: There are some new values originating that get you in the mood now to take stock of your personal possessions and what “I Have.” New ways to earn your dollars are finding their individual means to reinvent themselves at present. Ponder your values as a child and what these mean to you now. New life seeks to enter your entire sense of security. Make purchases that grant a deeper understanding about what truly matters to you most, which can help heal you.

The “I AM” light is on you Dear Fishes. Exciting new feelings of self-sufficiency have asked you to take the lead in the immediate waters you choose to swim in. While a sympathetic concern is always intense for others, be intuitive first and foremost with yourself. Tap into what still needs healing from the confidence of your youth. The world awaits to see your new mask as you have prepared to reveal inspiring ways to perceive your first impressions and approaches.

23 February, 2013

Lunar-O-Scope, 25 February

Full Moon in Virgo, 25 February, 3:26pm EST

Releasing Old Wounds

We’ve gathered from the new light in Aquarius to now find completion and release where The Virgin brings a natural and pure feel to your Zodiac Pie.  As the 3rd Full Moon in a row peaks at the 07 degree of the sign, we are asked to step further into another SILENT LISTEN as to what should be releasing from this area of our lives, which has Chiron, our Wounded Healer, right by our side to tap into the core of things that must heal from the deep. Don’t forget the first Mercury offering for review of 2013 is also in motion, which equally calls for a dynamic pull of reflection from the opposing area of the life.

Moon enters Virgo,
1:52am EST 25 February to 8:02am EST 27 February

Our planet of emotion is not always at ease when teaming up with the sign that is logical and discriminating about almost everything life. As the tendency for analysis channels into worry, many times instinct and imagination have no other outlets but to feel quite limited under this passage. However, by engaging in service to others, choosing to focus upon health, cleaning-up and allowing a sense of purity to come into emotional play can be stellar ways to reap success. Virgo Moons feel best when practical needs that result in effective outcomes and studying all the details are met, casting a collective request to become engaged in more reserved feelings that just may exhibit a little shyness.

Full Moon, 25 February, 3:26pm EST, 07 degrees Virgo
The Virgo piece of your personal Zodiac Pie points to where you will feel quite an intensity unfold, as well as the specific area of life to focus upon reflection within for the next two weeks until our next New Moon upon 11 March. The final lunation in a 3-month series since our Full Moon in Cancer 28 December 2012 at the 07 degree, the acknowledgement of taking time in solitude is asked from The Virgin to bring humanity to a deep acceptance of this spiritual need. With the concentration of opposing planetary energy within Pisces, we are asked to plunge into appreciation of what we have within the pure and innocent place of our lives. This allows the equal recognition of all that the opposing spiritual side of life brings the necessary balance to, for the future of mankind completely depends upon it.

For the Collective
We have some interesting aspects affecting this Full Moon. Our emotional attention also focuses upon Chiron, the planet that represents the Wounded Healer within our lives, and where we hold the most of our childhood impressions from a look at any natal birth chart. At present, Chiron is in opposition to our 07 degree Virgo kick off point as it closely conjuncts our Sun at 09 degrees Pisces. This is a powerful pull that asks for a finalization to unfold about what wounds may be present where The Fishes swim within your life, which can emotionally release because you choose to spend time in solitude to address and clear out old pains that have been suppressed within the conscious memory. As Chiron transits within Pisces, there is plenty of feminine integration that is requested of mankind, asking us to get into touch with this side of ourselves and heal whatever wounds may exist from it, no matter what sex we may be. Knowing this is the time in humanity that strongly asks any soul to get into their HEART space, the feminine of Mother EARTH is certainly a great place to start.

Jupiter over at 07 degrees Gemini communicates to both our Sun, and Moon from that 90 degree aspect called a square, which to most astrologers causes conflict, or results in the typical cornered-in sensation. However: squares are not to be feared. The tensions they can cause are necessary, so that new ground can be formulated, for what solid and strong foundation is not made of four squares? This is precisely when the examination of the pain they may be causing, is what brings forward the profound “ah-ha” moments within our loves when the HURT of the TRUTH can set you free. Take a good look at how these mutable energies within Gemini, Virgo and Pisces at the 07 degree point to a new structure forming, one that develops further because we took the time to heal ourselves, and allow change to be ultimately embraced.

Lunar-O-Scope, Full Moon in Virgo 2013
For the collective horoscope, again we offer some simple advice for every sign from the outer vantage point. Remember if you know your Rising Sign (Ascendant), read that passage too, for it typically will apply to your personal charts’ advice. However, it is the awareness and mathematical analysis of the individual birth chart that will point to the accuracy of how the current planetary landscape affects you.

For the true astrology buffs, be sure to check the Virgo House, in particular where the 07-degree Virgo spot in your natal birth chart lives. (A natal birth chart is determined from the time of birth, which allows a more in-depth look to equally see where some pondering is ideally meant to unfold in how the planets uniquely affect you.)
Whether the collective or individual vantage point, these are the areas of life that call for you to bring forth release and conclusions within the next two weeks to follow. Properly embracing letting go in these areas until the next New Moon upon 11 March will make the appropriate space for the new to be planted later.
Aries: You feel drawn to let go of worn-out personal habits and health related routines Dear Rams where “I Serve.” It’s imperative you listen up for there is a tired fashion you are being of service to others. Unrest may be present with your co-workers, but let courage take the lead. Pets require your attention, or a choice comes to pass about them. Allow some new ways of abundance to continue to flow from your thought processes, and recognize the wonder to be gained from time in solitude, but not in selfishness.

Taurus: The Bull is thrilled to see an adventure come to a conclusion where “I Create.” Children, the arts or brain-children captivate your attention now.  You’ve been feeling open to love affairs, yet it is best to take a stance and ponder where they fit upon your stage of life, and some curtains may have to close. While you recognize the optimism returning to your sense of value and what you have, remember all connects to how you socialize; as well as what dreams, hopes and wishes you should be focusing upon.

Gemini: Emotions swirl as you arrive at conclusions that pertain to your home and family where “I Nurture.” Don’t logically think that sense of déjà vu is the other side of yourself talking- be sure to listen to the instinctive messages being channeled to you. Your normal routine within your environments is about to change course, and the urge to truly clean up and clear out here begs for the details to align. This brings the full go ahead for those new approaches as all the dynamic turns in your public life soar.

Cancer: An out-dated mental process Dear Crab must be released where “I Communicate.” You instinctively know it’s best not to worry and only have concern, so cozy on up to this shift in thinking. Reflect as well on not being so nit-picky and discriminating here. Think pure and polite, and let your thoughts serve you. Neighbors or siblings can also be of focus. Remember all of the benefits from time in solitude will help change up some new beliefs that wish to find you learning something that soothes you.

Leo: Focus calls to your values, earning power, and what is it all worth with what “I Have.” Time is well spent reclaiming and reviewing your sense of security. Take a hearty look at possessions, swallow up the pride, and let go so new values have proper room to grow later. Plenty of action speaks about upcoming transformations and what future moves will happen to your wealth. Figure out what pieces of the puzzle are missing by appreciating the fortunate energy where you socialize, hope dream, and wish.

Virgo: Don’t shy away from this magical spotlight of release where “I AM!” Let go of old approaches and first impressions in life that don’t truly serve you. Your innate humility takes this more sensitive time for self without raising the ego bar too high. You shouldn’t doubt the emotions you feel here now, but you can let the world say goodbye to that tired mask you’ve been wearing. With the excitement booming in your career and public life, be sure to understand the partnerships in your life who ask to be a part of it.

Libra: The inner layers of your Scales look for more solitary time to even it all out where “I Process.” Your psyche vibrantly releases internal messages from matters concerning the subconscious, where resolve is seen. Recording your dreams brings balance to your waking world when you document and decode them. Take this and see what further kinds of beliefs can abundantly find you, which equally teaches you something about what you are meant to do to serve the world better that ever before. 

Scorpio: Take a pure look at routines within your friendships and organizations where “I Socialize.” What doesn’t serve you here asks to be let go. Reflect upon the roles you play in your groups, and your wishes here are sure to blossom later on. Ponder deep within hopes for the future, and dream well. Accept that unexpected invitation from a friend- it’s part of the larger picture to flourish. Strength steps in from taking time to invest in your creativity right now as well, which will transform you from the core.

Sagittarius: Career matters ask you to look for conclusions to be made on where it is all going were “I Structure.” Transition and reflection is currently unfolding within your purpose, mission, and reputation. Make logical reassessments here now to serve you best. That toy with authority brings a better understanding to your partnerships. Meanwhile, know where you nurture your environments and home life dynamically are seeking their own courses of change, and compassion will sooth the waters here.

Capricorn: Your philosophical outlooks are in review and which ones serve you best for the long-term where “I Believe.” An important trip finishes now, or you reflect upon past ones. An urge to grow and learn somehow speaks as idealism is surely by your side, so let old patterns go here. It is a great time to study or re-examine something you’ve already learned. As growth equally streams from your ability to serve the world, you find ways to communicate that make sure the bright side is what you choose to see.

Wealth and financial matter ask for reflection and revisions where “I Transform.” Not enough intimacy in a personal relationship? This passage reflects upon bringing in a true regenerative process here, for this is no time to remain fixed in resistance. It’s time to totally break on through to the other side as your entire core is up for peeling away the layers- which happens easily when you enjoy your creative nature and remember what it is all truly worth by giving gratitude to what you already have.

Pisces: Those closest to you -personal or business- captivate your attention where “I Relate.” You’ll innately sense the release and conclusion here. As people logically come and go, your intuition serves you to recognize these kinds of changes are all part of that vast ocean of choices you swim in. As all kinds of new energies and equal changes surround your immediate sense of self, these are able to find strength by connecting further where you nurture your life as the home and family can teach you plenty.